dentures Santa AnaReceiving a set of custom dentures is an exciting time for patients who have suffered with tooth loss. Since tooth loss negatively affects every day life, receiving new teeth gives many patients hope. Replacing lost teeth is very important for regaining oral function as well as improving one’s outlook on life. Many patients with tooth loss encounter a host of life-changing problems such as social anxiety and difficulty eating. To help our patients look and feel their best, our dentist offer custom-made dentures to members of our community.

What is the process like for getting dentures?

The process for receiving dentures is quite simple for patients. After an oral examination, our team will determine which type of dentures is best for your needs. Full dentures replace all teeth whereas partial dentures only replace teeth that are missing. In some cases, patients may require extractions before receiving dentures if their teeth cannot be saved with root canal therapy and restorations like crowns.

Once it is determined which type of dentures a patient needs, impressions will be taken. Impressions are essentially molds of one’s mouth. These molds will be used to determine the specifications for dentures so that they fit properly. Since dentures are made specifically for the individual, it is important that they accommodate the shape and size of a patient’s mouth and jaw. While dentures are made in a dental laboratory, patients will wear a temporary set.

What should I expect when my permanent teeth are ready?

When your custom dentures are ready, you will return to our office to pick them up. At your appointment, our team will explain how to care for your new teeth along with some tips for transitioning to wearing dentures. In the beginning, you will wear your dentures throughout the day and night. Like a new pair of shoes, dentures will need to be “broken in”. While you adjust to wearing dentures, you may experience some soreness on your gums. It also takes time to become accustomed to eating and speaking with dentures but within a few weeks, you will feel more confident and comfortable.

To schedule a tooth replacement consultation with our skilled dental team, contact the office of Dr. Amy M. Durisin at 714-543-1170 at your convenience.