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Cosmetic Dentistry: The Art Of Beautiful Smiles

Unfortunately, many of us are not born with picture perfect smiles. However, we can get them through the specialty of cosmetic dentistry, which primarily focuses on enhancing the smile’s appearance rather than treating the symptoms of oral diseases. Patients can turn to cosmetic dentistry interventions for a variety of flaws in the smile, and numerous [...]

How long do teeth whitening results last?

Choosing to whiten your teeth is a great investment in your appearance. White teeth are normally associated with good oral health and a bright smiles is usually considered more attractive than a dull, stained one. Teeth whitening has become increasingly popular in the last two decades and the oral care section of grocery and drug [...]

March 6th, 2015|Categories: teeth whitening|

Teeth Whitening: Is it really possible to have a brighter smile?

There are numerous cosmetic dental procedures that can produce a smile makeover; however, the one that is most economical while providing a big change is teeth whitening. Very likely your dentist will recommend you have your teeth cleaned to remove plaque build-up and extrinsic stains during that appointment. An exam will determine if you are [...]

December 4th, 2014|Categories: teeth whitening|

Eliminate Tough Dental Stains with Teeth Whitening

Do you have stained teeth? Have you tried store-bought products that promised to restore your smile to its former bright, white glory and felt disappointed by the results? If stains on your teeth have affected your self-confidence and appearance, you might want to consider professional teeth whitening. Experienced in cosmetic dentistry, our dentist can turn [...]

September 15th, 2014|Categories: teeth whitening|
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