dentures Santa Ana dentistTooth loss can occur for many reasons … an accident or trauma; deep or untreated decay; gum disease … whatever the cause the loss of one or more teeth can be devastating. Missing teeth can impact how you chew, speak, and your appearance. But you can rely on your dentist to help you restore lost dentition with dentures.

Dentures are suitable to replace a few teeth (a partial denture) or a full arch (a full or complete denture). A partial denture is usually held in place with some type of framework. It is important that teeth that are supporting the denture remain healthy.

Dentures are removed at night and should be stored in a denture cleanser or soaking solution (if not available, water will suffice). This will serve a dual purpose – dentures are cleaned, but also kept moist.

Taking care of your remaining biological teeth is completed by brushing and flossing before your denture is put in for the day. While brushing your natural teeth, also brush your gums using a soft bristle toothbrush. This will help keep circulation stimulated in gum tissue.

Before you put your dentures in, they should be brushed to remove food debris to help prevent plaque from forming on your dentures. Regular brushing will help keep your dentures looking their best and prevent staining. Daily cleaning and a denture soak will help eliminate odor as well.

It may take a little time to adjust to your new dentures. Increased saliva production often occurs whenever something new is placed in the mouth. You might want to practice speaking in front of a mirror if certain words or sounds seem difficult to enunciate.

Soft foods for the first few days may be in your best interest as well. Chew slowly cutting food into small manageable bites.

Your dentist will not be surprised to hear from you regarding adjustments to your new denture. Don’t try to tweak your denture yourself; see your dentist as any attempts to “fix” your dentures on your own could result in damage so severe they are irreparable.

Finally, you will be handling your dentures several times each day. Find a place where you can work with them safely; if dropped on a hard surface like a sink or counter, they may break.

Take good care of your dentures and they will serve you well for many years. For more information or to schedule a consultation, conact the office of Dr. Amy Durisin today.