dentist TustinDental decay has been around as long as there have been teeth. For decades, patients did not have a choice to correct a cavity. If you were diagnosed with a cavity, your dentist would remove the decay and fill the tooth with a silver material known as dental amalgam.

Many dentists today offer an effective and more aesthetic alternative to dental amalgam … composite resin. Composite resin is made from a combination of plastic and powdered glass, is tooth colored, and can be fashioned for many uses:

Repair decay – There are many advantages when using composite to fill a cavity. Much less of the tooth needs to be removed to place this type of filling leaving the treated teeth more structurally sound. These tooth-colored fillings are virtually undetectable making them more aesthetically pleasing than a silver filling. A tooth-colored filling is placed in stages with each addition being cured before the next one is added. This makes the filling strong.

Bonding – The same type of composite used for correcting dental decay is used to bond small cracks, repair chips, and to blend on teeth to cover stains.

When composite is used, your dentist can model the repair to match surrounding teeth in size, shape, and color. This material is suitable for front or back teeth.

Upon completion, the patient can enjoy a beautiful restoration that is designed to last without any special care. If needed, repair of a composite resin filling is able to be done easily.

As with your natural teeth, brushing and flossing coupled with visits to your dentist every six months will keep your smile looking its best for many, many years.

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