Invisalign TustinThere are many reasons why having your teeth straightened is as important to your physical well-being as it is for your appearance. Correcting an over bite, under bite or cross bite with Invisalign clear aligners provides an avenue of teeth straightening that is comfortable and convenient.

Why are straight teeth important to your health? Plaque build-up can lead to dental decay and/or gum disease. Eliminating those places in your mouth that harbor plaque by having teeth straightened is a step toward better oral health.

Self-confidence builds when you have a smile you are proud to display. Crooked, uneven, or poorly spaced teeth can rob you of the willingness to smile.

What makes Invisalign a popular method of teeth straightening?

Aligners used to gently move teeth to their correct placement are clear. This means you can undergo orthodontic treatment for as long as needed without the stigma of metal bands and brackets. You will be able to smile with confidence even throughout treatment as the aligners are virtually undetectable.

With Invisalign there are no metal bands, brackets, or wires to poke or rub against soft oral tissues creating sore spots or abrasions.

But perhaps the best advantage is that the aligners are removable. You can eat all the foods you love because your “braces” will be taken out for snacking and meals.

Brushing and flossing can be easily completed every day without interference. Simply remove the aligner each time you brush and floss, and replace when done. This also allows your dentist to thoroughly clean and polish your teeth every six months throughout treatment plus be able to perform your dental exam to catch any problems and repair your teeth as needed.

The Invisalign process could not be easier. Your dentist will take photographs, x-rays, and dental impressions at the onset of your treatment. These are the tools the Invisalign lab technicians use to fabricate a series of aligners that will be updated every couple of weeks as teeth are gently repositioned to their correct occlusion.

You have the comfort of clear, plastic aligners and the convenience of removing them as needed for eating and hygiene maintenance. Wearing the aligners a minimum of twenty to twenty-two hours every day is needed to complete treatment within the program parameters.

Invisalign aligners offer the one true orthodontic treatment that provides comfort and convenience. To find out if you are a candidate, contact the office of Dr. Amy M. Durisin at 714-543-1170 today.