An Orthodontic Solution that Fits Your Lifestyle

We are thrilled to provide high-quality dentistry during an era where there are more choices and fewer restrictions for those who desire optimal oral health and beautiful smiles. We understand that more adults are exploring their orthodontic options—they are seeking straighter teeth, better oral health, and healthier jaw joints and muscles.

While many of our teen and adult patients are interested in orthodontic treatment, there is the general feeling that conventional metal braces are uncomfortable and embarrassingly obvious.  In response to those concerns, we are pleased to offer the less-visible Invisalign orthodontic system for our mature patients.

See-Through Aligners

Invisalign Santa AnaThe virtually invisible nature of the Invisalign aligners makes this option almost instantly appealing. What could be simpler than gradually straightening your teeth with molded plastic aligners that are almost invisible? It’s a discreet but effective orthodontic system that could only be made possible by industry-leading technology.

The Invisalign process begins with the documentation of your current smile—digital x-rays, impressions, and digital photos—which are delivered to the Invisalign facilities. At the Invisalign laboratory, this information is processed to produce 3D animations of your proposed treatment plan from start to finish.  Together with Dr. Durisin, you will need to review and approve the treatment plan before your custom aligners are fabricated.

Each set of clear aligners will be slightly different in order to gently and progressively correct the alignment of your teeth. You will be advised to wear each set of aligners for roughly two weeks before proceeding to the next set in the series.

Not Seeing is Believing

Invisalign offers several advantages in comparison to metal braces.  It’s a hypo-allergenic, metal-free alternative that won’t rub or irritate the tongue and lips, and the low-profile design won’t disrupt your speech or your appearance. The aligners can be removed for cleaning and at mealtimes. However, they must be worn consistently for accurate results, and you’ll be schedule for routine visits in our office so that we may monitor and guide your progress.

Invisalign may not be appropriate for patients whose orthodontic needs are surgical or complex, though Invisalign can correct most common orthodontic conditions with great success. Find out if Invisalign is the solution for you by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Durisin today.