dentist Santa AnaTooth loss should not be acceptable as we age. It is possible to keep and maintain our biological teeth for life barring a traumatic event that results in tooth loss. Your dentist plays a key role in helping us to age while maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Taking good care of oral health is not something to be started in the golden years. It begins as children, but if teeth were neglected in youth, all is not lost. However, good oral care cannot be sacrificed indefinitely.

There are many things to be done to properly maintain excellent oral health:

Daily Brushing – This must be performed at least twice daily using a fluoridated tooth paste.

Daily Flossing – The proper use of dental floss removes debris from teeth that the tooth brush cannot quite reach … items caught between teeth especially. Flossing gum tissue keeps the gums stimulated promoting blood flow.

Diet Concerns – Too many sugary snacks and beverages can lead to excessive plaque build-up. When plaque is allowed to build the concerns about dental decay and gum tissue are increased.

Dental Visits – Although we must rely on our caregivers to get us to the dentist as children, as we progress through the retirement years, we may be looking at a similar situation. Seeing the dentist every six months for a complete cleaning and oral exam will help us to maintain good dental health.

Lifestyle Habits – Tobacco in any form is unhealthy for both oral and overall physical health. People know and understand this, but quite often a tobacco addiction can destroy what could have been healthy teeth and gums. Tobacco use promotes plaque build-up, gum disease, discolored teeth, and is thought to inhibit the mouth’s ability to heal properly when needed. The odds of developing cancer of the mouth, tongue, or throat are increased with tobacco use.

The links between many life changing diseases and oral health will often become more apparent as we age. Inflammation is believed to be one thing in common with many physical and oral maladies. Maintaining overall good health can contribute to keeping teeth and gums healthy as well.

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