dentures Santa AnaFor edentulous patients, custom dentures offer an affordable way to restore a smile with a remarkably natural appearance.

Unfortunately, though, dentures seem to have acquired a negative perception among patients who might be in need of them. It’s important to recognize, though, that the technology and materials used to craft dentures in the modern era is a vast improvement over the appliances that were available to patients just a few decades ago.

With custom dentures, your dentist will gather a substantial amount of data about the size and shape of your mouth. Before getting custom dentures, patients will have impressions taken to illustrate the contour of the jaw. Measurements that show how the jaws fit together also help to improve the fit of the prosthetic.

The patient also has significant input into the appearance of the denture. For example, you can choose a shade that closely matches that of your natural teeth or one that gives you a noticeably whiter and brighter smile, if that’s what you prefer. 

Custom dentures are fitted to the patient’s unique specifications…

The dentist will then provide all of the information gathered at the initial evaluation to the lab that will actually create the denture. Most patients will have an opportunity to try out a “model” denture that will approximate the fit and feel of the final appliance.

Based on the patient’s feedback about that intermediate device, the dental lab technicians can make further adjustments before the final denture is prepared.

When the final denture is ready, the patient will return to the dental office to be fitted with it. Further adjustments to the appliance can be made at the patient’s request and the dentist’s discretion.

Because custom dentures are fitted to the patient’s unique specifications, rather than designed en masse with a “cookie-cutter” approach, the appliances tend to feel more comfortable and they look better, as well. In fact, patients often express surprise at how good the denture feels.

A custom denture can have dramatic results in restoring a smile’s aesthetics in edentulous patients. If you have suffered from extensive tooth loss, schedule a consultation with our skilled team to learn more about this treatment.