Restorative Dentistry

veneers TustinWhen the structural framework of your smile begins to deteriorate, our restorative solutions can help to add strength, stability, and comfort. Your oral health needs may range from a basic dental filling to a complete smile rehabilitation, and that’s why we are proud to offer a full spectrum of restorative procedures.

Individual teeth can break down due to accidents, tooth decay, or physical stress. When this happens, we can employ a number of restorative procedures to recapture the strength, shape, and appearance of a healthy tooth. Based upon the condition of each tooth, we may recommend tooth-colored fillings, custom inlays or onlays, or porcelain crowns.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants Santa AnaA dental implant is a modern tooth replacement solution which consists of an artificial root structure that is topped off by a custom dental crown. As a free-standing replacement tooth, the post of a dental implant must be surgically inserted into the jaw bone to serve as a permanent support anchor.

Once the implant has been successfully placed, our team completes the restorative process by attaching a customized dental crown. Whereas the implant post represents the root of the artificial tooth, the dental crown represents the visible biting surface for the new tooth. The design and appearance of the dental implant crown is very similar to the dental crowns that are used to restore natural teeth.

Complete Tooth Replacement

all-on-four implants Costa MesaAs a highly desirable alternative to conventional dentures, many adults opt for permanent All-on-4 dental implants. In the upper and/or lower jaw, when all of the teeth are missing in the same arch, a set of four dental implants can be used to hold a full row of beautiful artificial teeth in place. With only four implants, it is possible to completely restore your smile, helping you to regain your confidence, comfort, and a more youthful appearance.

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal TherapyDr. Durisin provides standard root canal treatment and retreatment. For many, the phrase “root canal” conjures up pictures of painful dental procedures. However, root canals actually relieve pain and discomfort rather than cause it. In fact, the entire procedure is comparable to having a filling placed.

If the interior portion (pulp) of the tooth becomes infected or inflamed root canals may be necessary. The pulp contains all of the nerves and blood vessels and the living part of the tooth. This is how we perceive temperature or discomfort in the tooth. Usually root canals are needed if there are cracks or holes in the tooth from excessive decay or even trauma.

By making a very small opening in the top of the tooth, Dr. Durisin uses the latest endodontic tools and microscopes to clean and disinfect the pulp. The chamber will be re-shaped and filled with a healthy, bio-compatible filling and completely sealed.

Some treatments may require two visits but most patients only need to come in for one visit. If you have experienced damage or trauma to your teeth or are experiencing strong discomfort, Dr. Durisin can help.

Let’s Talk About It

With your input, we can develop a comprehensive treatment plan to restore each tooth individually or to fully recreate your entire smile. It all begins with your initial consultation. Contact us today for an appointment.