sedation dentistry santa anaWith us, you’ll never have to ‘grin and bear it’. We are proud to offer a range of sedation dentistry options to increase the level of relaxation and comfort for our patients. Sedation dentistry is a safe method for soothing your jitters and helping you to tolerate any dental procedure that makes you uneasy.

Sedation dentistry is a favorite among dental patients who are admitted “dentalphobes” and those who feel paralyzed by their dental anxieties. By calming the nerves and dulling the sensations, sedatives enable many patients to truly overcome their fears for the sake of their oral health and overall health.

A Special Touch for Special Needs

For patients with special needs, sedation dentistry makes the dental visit safer and more relaxing. The dental office can be a frightening and confusing place for children and adults who may be challenged by emotional and developmental disorders. Sedatives enable our special needs patients to remain still during delicate procedures by greatly reducing the risk of involuntary movements.

Not Just for Dental Phobics

Sedation is also great for any patient who needs help relaxing in the dental chair. A stressful lifestyle and a busy schedule can make it almost impossible to sit in a dental chair for more than a few minutes—even if you aren’t necessarily afraid of the dentist. Your busy schedule might also mean that you would prefer to complete all of your dental treatment in one session. Whether you just need help relaxing or you need help tolerating a lengthy dental procedure, there is a sedation dentistry option that is perfect for you.

We Can Get Through This Together

Our team is trained to safely administer sedatives while closely monitoring your safety throughout your dental visit. If you find it difficult to quiet your thoughts and breathe calmly during a dental visit, or if you need help in overcoming your dental phobias, our team is here to aid you in exploring your sedation options. Please contact our office today to learn more.

Common Questions

Dental anxiety or phobias related to dental/clinical situations involve people experiencing very intense and difficult to overcome negative emotions regarding treatment. For some people with dental fears and phobias, just having a routine checkup is cause for pronounced anxiety. Unfortunately, dental phobias prevent people from receiving the oral healthcare services they need and deserve. In order to remedy the effects of clinical anxiety, our practice offers sedation dentistry. The type of sedation a patient is administered will depend on his or her unique needs.

Conscious sedation involves the administration of prescription medication that is specifically formulated to prevent feelings of intense worry and nervousness. Conscious sedation means that a patient will not be under total anesthesia. He or she will be able to respond to commands and questions even if sedative medication makes him or her groggy or sleepy. The medication is administered before treatment. By the time treatment commences, patients will feel calm and relaxed. The dose for this type of sedation is carefully determined for each person on a case-by-case basis so that the desired effects are achieved. With conscious sedation, patients must arrange for a friend or family member to drive them to and from our office.

Laughing gas is a common term for nitrous oxide. Safely used in medical and dental settings for over 100 years, nitrous oxide is a mild analgesic and sedative that is administered via a soft nasal mask in gas form. Nitrous oxide is ideal for fidgety and nervous patients who do not wish to take prescription medication. Laughing gas works quickly and begins to wear off after the nasal mask is removed so that patients can drive to and from their appointments.

Sedation dentistry is relatively cost effective and some dental insurance plans cover some, if not all of its cost. For estimates regarding treatment costs, call our office to speak with our front desk personnel.