dentures Santa AnaIf you have recently received dentures or are about to receive dentures, you probably have many questions. At first, dentures will seem a bit foreign to you—especially while you adjust to the way they fit in your mouth. Although prosthetic teeth look like biological teeth, they are cared for differently. We understand that adjusting to prosthetics is sometimes overwhelming to our patients because it is a life-altering experience. Fortunately, our team is committed to helping members of our community enjoy good oral function, comfort, and an attractive appearance.

Are dentures custom made?

Yes, dentures are custom made by dental technicians. Your prosthetics will be crafted specifically for you so that they properly fit your mouth. Since dentures are custom made, patients should be very careful with them and care for them properly to preserve them as long as possible. While your custom prosthetics are made, you will wear temporary dentures.

Do I wear dentures at night?

Right after you have received your custom prosthetics, you will wear them the first few nights. This is so you can “break them in” and get used to how they feel. Once this process is complete, you will take your dentures out at night so that your gums can breathe.

How do I care for dentures?

Dentures should be brushed with a special toothbrush to remove debris from food and bacteria. They will also need to be soaked in water or a water-based cleansing solution over night. It is important to keep prosthetics clean to reduce oral bacteria in the mouth. Prosthetics are soaked overnight to keep their acrylic structures moist. Once you have removed your prosthetics for the day, be sure to rinse your mouth and brush your tongue, gums, and insides of your cheeks to prevent bacteria colonization and gum disease. We will also provide information packets to help you understand the proper ways to care for your prosthetic teeth.

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