dentures Santa AnaWhen getting dentures, patients have a number of concerns about how the appliances may change different aspects of their lives. One such area is nutrition. Patients may know others who have gotten dentures, especially the older models, and had such difficulty chewing that they gave up trying to eat while wearing their dentures and switched to a soft food diet.

Fortunately, today’s dentures are much more functional. When your dentist provides a custom-designed prosthetic, the fit and function outperform cookie-cutter models that may be cheaper but ultimately offer fewer benefits. Dentures that are created based on the unique specifications of your smile are much more comfortable and effective at chewing.

While patients who wear dentures often are able to enjoy a variety of foods, your dentist may recommend some limitations based on textural issues that could damage the denture. Be sure that you understand this aspect of caring for your dentures thoroughly to reduce the chances that you’ll come back to us in need of denture repair.

Additionally, we encourage patients to be patient when adjusting to their denture. As you get used to the appliance, you may have some minor discomfort and have some initial challenges in figuring out how to chew with your new teeth. So, it might be a little unrealistic to expect to sit down to a steak dinner on the same day that you get your dentures from the dentist. Eventually, however, you should be able to incorporate many foods back into your diet.

Temporary discomfort and possibly some chewing challenges are normal in the early stages of getting acclimated to dentures, but if these problems persist, you should consult with your provider to see if the denture might need to be refitted.

You should discuss any concerns you have about your dentures with your provider, including questions you may have about what you can and can’t eat. Bring a list of these questions to your initial consultation, or you also can call the office of Dr. Amy Durisin at any time to speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members.